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I would be I really don’t care if I see them anymore.

I care about my parents and wife now. I feel terrible I left because my mother is getting pretty bad and bet she wanted everyone there. I didn’t know any of their kids names, lol.

3 distrustful Acquaintances who Happen to share a bloodline.

I can’t remember where I heard that line but I like it

At least I made it in for a few. I haven’t been to one in years

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Life is to short to deal with assholes even if they are family.


I wish everyone had this mentality. I always stay away from being rude, except on here :wink:


I took 20mgs of Valium before I went there and all it has done is make me dull and careless over this stuff.

Never benefited from them like this


Dude, you know 20mg of valium is bit of a punch, right? That’s not a nothing dose. Normal po dose is 5-10.

I think you are over medicating by a very wide amount. Not being an asshole, you have all kinds of issues going on, and the meds you are popping are not helping.

Not sure what the family dynamics are. Let me just say this, big family here. One of my brothers was popping 20mg of valium and trying to hold conversation at fam parties… That is first problem.

20mg valium before walking in door eliminates any possibility of a normal family experience right off the bat. Even if you think you are acting normal, I guarantee you are not.

Saying as some random guy on internet. Be safe dude, because I’m thinking you over medicate on an hourly basis. I hope I’m wrong, only you know. Be safe man.


I took it with my other seizure meds before I went. I never relied on them for anxiety but now I’m pretty sure I know how that work in that area, if it helps like that.

Ad far as over medicating I’m only doing what my neurologist set up for me.

20mg Valium is about 1 or 2mg klonopin, which I was on and didn’t like how it made me feel drunk.

I’m not good with any medical stuff. I ask Dr google and then pretend to know what I’m talking about. But if any of you guys are thinking I’m a street drug type of person then you would be wrong and it hurts to even consider that you may.

How’s everyone


Not insinuating you are a “street drug” guy at all. Straight out saying think you are over medicating. 100% not a personal attack. My observation from reading your posts in past.

Only saying because I give a shit, and I see a problem.

Fwiw, I have immediate family that overmedicates. But I’m also a 30 year nurse, and I have my own history (booze was an issue).

Street/not street means nothing though. Very easy to overmedicates even w OTC drugs.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the DR prescribing means it is okay. It’s okay to say that a dosage is too much and to discuss it with your prescriber.

The goal of medicine is to help you get to the point where you work towards healing. Eventually and hopefully working towards not needing it.


They are well known to overmedicate, if you can cut down a bit on your own do it .


Well you three just made me very happy. I was worried about clicking the links. I see my new neurologist on Wednesday because my main guy moved.

We shall see what he thinks.

Damn I feel good now

Thank you


I over-share too much.


All i can say is…people can be petty. Sometimes the dumbest shit gets us bent out of shape. I’m def guilty of that as well. Give it time, let it sit for a while to cool down. He may very well still be a good friend, but also maybe not. Only time can tell.

9 months no smoking is impressive bro! I’m sure you can do it again! Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s almost a new year…start fresh soon!

Also, pm me anytime if you wanna shoot the shit!


Yeah I’m with you. I felt so bad yesterday. Guy asked me a question and I snapped at him. I was wrong to do so but calling him something nasty wasn’t anything that occurred to me.


Knock that smoking shit off dude! Nine months free if it,and you go back to it? C’mon dude,.knock that off. Your wallet will appreciate.


I go in for that quick surgery tomorrow at 5am. I’m nervous as hell, Anesthesia makes me nervous. Blah


I’ll be thinking of you though I’m sure that it’ll go just fine.


Breathe and relax. You will get through this. We’ll see you soon.