Client can't P2P on Home network

Hi. Im having problems getting a client to be able to P2P on a small home network.

Its a laptop using XP connected to the host which also has XP.

When I try to run winmx on it it says something about not being able to establish a direct connection and saying I have to use a socks proxy.

Whats funny is I have another 2 client computers which run Windows 98 and can P2P fine.

I've also tried running the windows network set up wizard, but the laptop dosn't have a floppy drive (sorry, its not mine though).

Any ideas?


install net beui on XP machines

Don't bother with peer to peer, its too crabby in windows

And simple rule of networking: NEVER INSTALL NETBEUI.

Sorry Jerkie

For some reason I can't install NETBEUI on my machine anyway.

Telling me not to bother with P2P is an unacceptable solution.

The problem I have is that this XP laptop belongs to my flatmate's father who wants to get P2P working in his house.

He is on a cable connection (not sure if its set top box or cable modem) and for some reason he gets this shit on WinMX every time it starts. Obviously, its not to do with the connection but the way XP is set up on his machine.

Any other ideas?

I agree with the fintheman.

*see my post about Jonwell's post*.

Netbeui was fine when you are trying to install 2 wn98 machines together. It has no place now.

Does this laptop get any internet/email connectivity at all? Does the laptop see those two other machines when the laptop is plugged into the network?