Climate Change Dialogue officially over

China is asshoe

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Where the hell is this from?

With a name like yu law I’m not surprised you are defending china.

And biden gets put in the corner.


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China is assho


They are exporting dogshit “renewable” windmill and solar products while gobbling up all of the abundant oil and gas for the green new deal fuckwads currently destroying our country. Renewable is the most ridiculous, misleading word to describe inefficient, short life, shit that cannot be recycled.


The atmosphere doesn’t care about per capita CO2. It only cares about total volume pumped into it, and China is the runaway world leader in that category. They are also the runaway leader in CO2 emissions growth (though India is right on their heels).

Total global greenhouse emissions have risen by nearly 70% since 1990

Despite America’s emissions remaining relatively flat.

But China’s emissions have nearly quintupled over the same period.

Same goes for India.

Without China and India on board, ‘net zero’ will never happen.


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Yep. They have regard for nothing. They are cockroaches of the human race.
China is asshoe


But first, You have to believe that carbon , which all plant live consumes and could not survive without, and produces oxygen in return, is somehow a pollutant.


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China built the equivalent of 20 new mid-size coal power plants in 2020 alone and they have way less envoronmental controls on their fossil fuel generation, which includes a lot more hazardous shit than CO2. The US hasnt built new coal generation since 2009. Fuck off with that bullshit about China beating us.

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A study published Friday indicates that at least 18 new coal plant projects abroad will probably go ahead despite the pledge. At home, power shortages and fears of energy insecurity, worsened by turmoil in international fossil fuel markets from Russia’s war on Ukraine, have renewed convictions that China’s rich coal reserves must remain the country’s main energy source in the near-term.

This was just off of a quick search. A youtube video I watched showed an interview with a Chinese minister where he was saying the reason for this was that green energy wasn’t nearly meeting their needs.

This fag is literally stealing my content.

Leftists when you bad mouth Communist China or the Cheney family.

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It was a documentary on HBO about how different countries treat animals

Went from the extreme temples in India that allow rats to crawl all over them while they medidate, to the mongoloids in China who toss tabby in the fry lader

CO2 > Bigfoot…

The dialog might be over, but the dumbass democrats just passed the pill that will take more money from taxpayers to fund this climate change bullshit.

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the only thing its gonna fund is politicians

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