Clinch Q for Sharp & Rory

Just been watching the Clinchin2 set and i have a couple of questions for Paul Sharp and Rory Singer.

My background is mostly western boxing and muay thai so it was great to get an insight into the fundamentals of the greco clinch. Obviously so many more options without the gloves.

Paul Sharp - I'm interested in your views of the double neck tie.

Why is it not used in wrestling?

Do you often use the double neck tie?
Do you find that your greco skills can easily shutdown this aspect of the thai clinch?

Rory Singer - you mentioned that you prefer to fight from the double neck tie.
Do you use it mainly as a platform to deliver knees to the body?

As a final note about the dvd set, its very good. Adam states at the beginning that its aimed at the beginner to intermediate, covering the fundamentals of the clinch game. I think it does that very well. One word of warning though, as it is a combination of seminar material and "to the camera" instruction, it doesnt flow as well as i hoped. Having said that, it has lots of great material.

And Happy New Year everyone



I am glad that you are enjoying the material. I prefer the thai clinch as it allows me to control my opponents head and therefore land knees to it. I also feel it is one of the few games that can be utilized against a good upper body clinch technician. It keeps my elbows in between myself and my opponent and makes for a good striking platform for knees and elbows.

DOuble neck tie is considered a stalling position in Wrestling and Judo.


hey thanks rory and adam

i would have replied sooner but was waiting for paul sharps response. maybe hes on holiday or just busy. does he visit the forum often?

very interesting comments anyway.

rory, are you going to spring camp? i really enjoyed your section on the dvd. hope to see you do more instructing in the future (on dvd i mean).

if you are going to camp, may i make a suggestion?
it seems that a lot of focus in some clinch instructionals is wrestling counters to the thai double neck tie, but not vice versa (atleast not as indepth). so im happy to read your comments on this subject.

im interested in the key components to establishing and maintaining a double neck tie, ie what is required to prevent the common wrestling counters to this position? pre-emptively countering the counters

what do you think of a segment with paul sharp at this years camp? an indepth discussion and demonstration with drills. sharp discussing his approach against someone who favours a more thai style, and you going into more depth of what you wrote above?

looking forward to your comments

thanks very much

good questions.

Hi everyone,

I just received Paul Sharps "underhook defence" dvd today. Its really great, I highly recommend it.
It compliments the "clinchin2" set very very well.

I'm now even more keen to see what clinch material will be covered at this years camp.

Matt, will this years camp be filmed like last years?
If so, will it be released again on dvd? What do you think of my suggestions in my previous post above?

And finally, the editors of Sharps dvd did a great job.


"Matt, will this years camp be filmed like last years? If so, will it be released again on dvd? What do you think of my suggestions in my previous post? Possible?"


I am not 100% sure if we will film this Years Camp? Regards your suggestion. . .you are suggesting Paul demo counters to neck ties, and Adam and Rory show neck ties as a way to stop wrestling? If so, yes, that is an excellent idea for a class I would enjoy as well.

Not 100% sure? Oh no, thats no good at all :(

If I lived in North America I'd definitely be there.
Hmmm, do you need some encouragement to film it?
All I can say is that for those of us who cannot make it to camp the filming you do is GOLD.

I understand that you are very busy with the production of FJKD3. If you don't want a full set to be released before series 3, how about just the clinch material? (am I sounding selfish or just sad haha)

Another option would be to maybe incorporate some of the clinch material from the camp into the clinch tape of series 3. An option?

In regards to my suggestion, I'll send you an email detailing what I was thinking.

I appreciate that, thanks.