Clinch question for Rodney

Hi Rodney

To start, I want to say that I am really enjoying working the
material in your SBG tapes. I have a question though regarding the
clinch tape. Can you explain why you prefer to seek as your initial
clinch position the single collar tie and arm control as compared
to the double neck tie (standard Muay Thai clinch).

Thanks for your time.


PS: Anyone else's comments on this are also welcome.

TTT for Rodney.

I'm willing to bet the key lies in the "arm control". A double collar has no "arm control"...leaves you open to possible body shots and if your head isn't in the pocket (bad boy!)you can get hit with tight hooks.

Also, if your are wedging poorly you can get hit with uppercuts.

Uppercuts and hooks are bad things. They hurt. A lot.

Just some thoughts.

hey guys ,

Rodney is currently in Slovakia in order do seminar here and teach me . He will be back in the end of this week so be patient please........

PS: Rodney┬┤s seminar and private training review will be up very soon.......

See ya,


Thanks guys.


Hey Mike, are you friends with Adam Zugec ? I think it was you who recommended I train with him ?


Bruce: Yes, Adam is my friend, even though he kicks my ass
evertime we train together.


Hey CBK,
Glad you are having fun working the material. It is important to realize that what is on a few tapes is not the totality of what I coach. So I favour many things depending on the situation.

I love the plum postion from Muay Thai. But I have a totally diffrent approach to its use. I will be releasing another tape in Feb next year that will cover this. This should really help you out. I also have some awesome new ideas planned to help people like you getting your questions answered. Watch this forum for details should be up in the next week.

Hope this helped.

p.s. Aus, has some good points

Thanks very much. I will continue to work on it and I look forward to the next tape.


Hey Mike,

You and me both bro, there are not many people who dont get there asses handed to them by Adam.

Thanks for the recommendation tho, great coach.