Clinch video

Which video would you (anyone familiar with SBGI) recommend as a basic/beginner video on clinch work for street self-defense? I see Matt Thorton and the Singer Brothers have a couple, Rodney King has one . . . I have a little experience with both boxing and BJJ, but have no idea what the SBGI approach is like. Also, can anyone tell me how the STAB program differs from the Filipino approach to knife defense (I trained under Ted Lucaylucay, so basically similar to what they teach in JKD seminars)? The description says its based on wrestling techniques, but that's a bit too vague for me to start diggin in wallet. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest Matts clinch tape from FJKD 2..mainly due to not only showing techniques but also a training progression.
Then the Singers first clinch tape to round it out.
I havent seen the new one yet.

Yes Matts from FJKD 2 is excellent with great training progressions.


Rory/Adam first one is good as well


i highly recommend the "Clinchin2" set and Paul Sharps "Underhook Defence" dvd.

I'll take another look at the earlier work of Matts and the Singer Bros this weekend. Its all really good, but I'm guessing you don't want to go and purchase a pile of stuff right now.

Matts tape mentioned in the posts above would be a really good place to start, but the more recent stuff from Sharp is excellent. I'll get back to you in a couple of days.