Clinch Wrestling Instructionals

Hi everyone,

just looking for some wrestling instructionals that cover the clinch. I have some stuff that is geared towards mma (Couture, Singer bros and Paul Sharp) which is really good, but am now wanting to look at some pure wrestling tapes.

I'm interested in anyones comments on the following tapes :

Wearing Down Your Opponent by Kerry McCoy

Slide-Bys and Overhooks by Kerry McCoy

Russian Ties by Dennis Hall

Underhooks by Ken Chertow

I'm not so interested in takedowns from the clinch. More interested in control and position. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
Also, are Russian Ties well suited for mma?

Thanks very much

The underhooks tape is good. Ken is a really good coach.

The wrestling series with Mike Vanarnsdale and Kevin Jackson is really good.

thanks very much for the quick replies


sorry for this simple question but i dont come from a wrestling background, do you think Russian ties can be easily crossed over into the mma clinch? susceptibilty to strikes?