Clinching techniques

Can someone please explain some clinching techniques, or are there really any?

check out my site, if you haven't already. also, i think there are some threads in the saved thrds you can check.http://stickgrappler.tripod.comKK wrote some articles on clinching the muay thai link. also check the kick/boxing and unofficial underground forum archives link. there are some posts on clinching there.HTH

I thought the two handed neck grab was the main Muy Thai clinch technique?

Interesting two handed neck grab isn't used in Thailand? Thanks White whale. Stick grappler thanks that is just the kind of info I was hoping for.

The Two-Handed Neck Grab (what I refer to as the Head/Neck Control Position) is the preferable clinch position to get, but as others have stated, its not as easy to get as it looks.

I, too, have noticed that I rarely see it in actual matches from Thailand. Part of which is, as said, the difficulty in acheiving that position, but I also think that many fighters don't actually *try* to acheive that position.

My train of thought on this is that because of the difficulty in acheiving this position, I suspect that many fighters don't even try. They go for the neck/body hand position, or the neck/arm hand position. If you think about it though, its easier to throw your opponent around with a neck/body or neck/arm control position.

I think that this is also one of the reasons that you don't see as many leg kicks in Thai matches from Thailand that you see in International competition. In Thailand, one of the first defensive techniques that a Thai boxer learns is to block leg kicks. Blocking a leg kick is second nature to them. Also, clashing shins hurts no matter how conditioned your shins are. That being said, if you watch matches from Thailand, it seems that most roundkicks are aimed right around waist height. The idea is to sneak the kick between the knee and elbow guards faster than your opponent can get them there.

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Khun Kao

Khun Kao, thanks for the information.