Clinching with Someone Bigger?

I just started training with this guy who's bigger than me and im finding it hard to get a decent takedown, (i'm 6ft and about 180 and hes 6"7 and 240)

Most of the time its easier to counter, or if i get a decent bodylock of some sort of head control then its not to bad, when i get to the ground its ok, its just getting there, any tips?

I was always taught that clinching someone taller was a bad idea unless you have a huge experience or strength advantage on him.

If a tall guy gets underhooks on you, all he has to do is straighten his back and squeeze to get you off your feet. And nobody pretend that you're so awesome that nobody ever gets underhooks on you. Taller guys also have the leverage to break free from underhooks or other disadvantageous clinches, too, by sprawling out with their longer legs.

You are shorter and lighter, so the advice about body locks and throws are good. Also you can shoot an outside single leg pick-up to keep the weight off you.

BTW- it is generally hard to take down 6'7" 240lb men.

actually, i find it easier to take down taller/heavier opponents. from the clinch, react to his movements (play defensive) and when the opportunity presents itself drop for a single or double. if you can get him off balance, trips are good as well.


I dominate everyone in the clinch

I used to train with a guy who was 330lbs, my height, but obviously much bigger and freaky strong. The only way I could take him down was with throws from the clinch. Shooting was a really bad idea.

the rev

theres a judo hip throw i love to do to bigger guys. push into em, they push back, bam they go down. i dunno what its called but i hold a wizzer and an elbow and sweep..

try spooning with him and see how he likes that


I would defeat Randy Couture in the clinch.

Keoni, can I have some of what you're on? It must be some really, REALLY good shit! ;)

I don't think Couture would have a problem clinching with this 6'7" #240 individual...

I don't think Couture would have a problem clinching with this 6'7" #240 individual...

I would dominate you in the clinch. I dominate people in the clinch, its what I do. I am a clinch dominator. When it comes to all thing clinching in the greco roman variety domination is my game. If there was every a fantasy olympic tourny of the best greco roman wrestlers of all time I would smoke all of them even Karelin in the clinch. This thread is about to sink like a fucking rock, because outside of my clinch prowess nobody thinks my shits funny and I kill tons of threads. The biggest word that I know is:


It took me like ten minutes to enunciate it so that I could say it all at once. Now every once in a while I bust that shit out to lull and impress people into thinking I am smart because I can pronunciate such a large word. I do this because I fucking suck and am a big loser at everything I do, accept one thing.......that being the clinch.

Miloofcoelbren.....(I hope I'm spelling that

Let him attempt a takedown and then spladel him and flow into a nice

" I don't get why people are anti-shooting on bigger guys."

Me either.
Bigger guys teach you how to shoot properly. With small guys, you can get away with an ugly shoot attempt.

Ideally, you are supposed to shoot in on someone when they are falling forward and taking weight off of the leg that you are shooting on (for a single, my favorite).

The worst thing for you to do is walk right up to a big guy and do a single while he is standing there waiting for it. Then when you hit his leg, it is unmovable because all of his weight is on it. Then he will grab hold of you and smash you with his weight.

The best thing to do is make them commit with their weight. Tie up with them, do an arm drag or a wizzer...and do a single leg from that.

Also, when you do a single leg, you are SUPPOSED to drop down, move forward, grab leg, THEN STAND UP QUICKLY. If you do it properly, then their leg will feel "weightless" because you are grabbing it while they are falling forward. Timing is VERY important.

This is very much like a beginner throwing low kicks. Most MMA fighters do not setup their low kicks. They just walk forward and throw. No setup.

Throwing low kicks and shooting in on someone BOTH require setups to do them properly.

If you use proper technique for the single leg, and you land the move, your opponent is going down. If someone lands a perfect single leg on Randy Couture, he is going down too (though he might get right back up 5 seconds later)

i dont mean a lateral drop. its almost like a head and arm throw but u hav wizzer instead of head

i agree with keoni....couture is no match for the power of the conti...