Clint Eastwood whitewashed Chris Kyle?


I enjoyed the movie but wondered why Clint presented the rather whitewashed view of Chris Kyle. Its almost like he presented the hero we want as opposed to the actual Chris Kyle, a more human realistic person.

I do think Kyle is a hero but he is also a human with flaws. Apparently he was a braggart and liar at times. He also stated than he enjoyed killing the enemy. I think he said it was 'fun'.

I would have preferred to see a movie that was a fuller depiction of who Chris Kyle was. In my mind it doesnt make him a lesser man or less heroic. Just more realistic.


"Clint Eastwood whitewashed Chris Kyle? "

You think?

I think it was based on the book...which was written by Kyle...who probably wouldn't give a critical view of himself.

It's a movie...and I imagine the truth of who he was lays somewhere in the middle of what the left and right are claiming.

To be honest though I didnt' find it as blindly patriotic as some of the leftist idiots claim. I kinda like it when the extreme left and progressive crowd get pissed off.

I did find myself casting a fairly critical eye towards the movie though.

I can't wait for Hollywood to make the Beau Bergdahl movie in which they portray him as a hero...LOL that will be fucking hilarious.

attjack - "Clint Eastwood whitewashed Chris Kyle? "

You think?

I reckon so.....

Reminded me of a typical John Wayne character