Clint "Sanguebom" Allert promoted to Black Belt

My instructor, my best friend and someone who I consider a brother, Clint "Sanguebom" Allert was promoted to Black Belt by Master Marcus Soares.

Clint's is one of the most selfless, humble guys I've ever met in my life. He's always, always looking to improve himself so that those around him are impacted in a positive way.

A true leader by nature.

This is such a well deserved promotion for someone who has dedicated his life to his students in a constant effort to support the growth of Jiu-Jitsu and the community as a whole.

I'm so grateful and proud to be apart of this journey with a person of such high integrity.

Congrat's my brother...this is such a powerful impact to our community.

Congratulations Clint!!!!



couldn't of said it any better nam soo-congrats Sanguebom

Black belt from Soarees is s big deal. Congrats.


Clint is Sangue Bom



Congrats Clint, you just joined the bad-ass club with Omar and Mark.


Congratulations sir.

Congrats Bro well deserved!!


Congrats Clint

Thank you all for the support. I did not see this coming and cried like a baby when I was awarded the belt. Luckily no one taped this part as Youtube would have it for sure.

Let's also celebrate Mike's promotion to Brown Belt from Master Soares. Mike and I have been training together for a very long time and will continue to support BJJ in Canada.

See you all soon!

Conrats to you & Mike!

Congratulations, Clint!!

Big Congrat's Clint and Mike

Huge congrats boys welcome to the darkside

Congrats Clint & Mike way to go!

Boreland Crew

Congrats Clint and Mike


A Soares BB is one of the few out there that actually still mean something.