Clip from Eli Roth's "Green Inferno". Damn!

Just saw it. It was pretty good I thought. Of course there had to be some little shit twelve year olds in the theater talking out loud through the whole fucking movie. How the little pukes even got into the movie by themselves I have no idea.

FYI, it's nothing at all like Cannibal Holocaust. Just because there's a cannibal tribe murdering people doesn't make it a CH remake! Phone Post 3.0

I'm gonna try and get to it this week, I'll go during the day (I make my own hours, self employed) so I don't have to deal with other people.

Don't leave right when the credits roll, btw. There's a little extra scene dropped in. A really ridiculous scene.

It looks gay in the best possible way.

Matinee... Phone Post 3.0

NiteProwleR - I hate gore porn but I can't pass up on a Roth flick.
This comment makes no sense Phone Post 3.0