close again 2nd wsop cash

With 60 players left I was`a chip leader with 65,00o in chips. This was the 3,000 buy-in no limit event.

I was` moved to another table with 45 players left.

Shortly after sitting down a old guy sat down and picked so many hands in his big blind it was sick. First hand was`aces, Then AQ suited Ak, Ak, etc.

I layed down all hands I raised with except the first one, I actually put him on aces but the only raeson I called was annie duke was on my left and she is aggressive I did not want her to see me laydown a hand for a small reraise. The old guuy woke up with so many hands in his big or small blind it took half my stack attempting steals.

I was completly card`dead for two hours and survived that long by stealing from a couple other players.

As the blinds rose I ran into a Ak with my ace rag and that was it finishing 30th for 6300$. irst place was 500,000!! I was sick in way, but I played very good and made some great plays to aquire chips early, I do not need good cards to make it to a final table, but when the big blinds pick up monster hands consistently it hurts my main method of aquiring chips.

I finished 140th out of 850 in the 1500 no limit event, getting all my chips in with AA vs Aq, he made a flush on the river. I am running cold in big situations but I am getting my chips in as a favorite in nearly every big situation.

I am looking forward to the main event with all those chips to work with and long time limits.

Congrats again!

Kick ass in the main event.

Congrats dude. Keep up the good work.

Awesome man! Thanks for the update!

Good luck in the main event!