Close shark encounter (VID)


That's a shit your pants moment. Good for them human feces is a natural shark repellent.  

I am feeling like this must be a fake...


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Rampage quit/Rampage dove... shit doesn't matter what his motive was, it wasn't a real fight. Some of you guys are blind af. You'll override common sense and live in delusion just to avoid admitting that not everything is as honest as it appears on the surface. Humans are corruptible, and money is the motive. Rampage for whatever reason didn't care about winning that fight. To us it looked like a dive, to some of ya it just looked like he was fat and quit, but we can atleast agree that Rampage quit. He didn't get KO'd as much as he tried to sell it as such, it was a quit, a voluntary action. And at no point did he mount any kind of offense or make any attempt to hurt Fedor. That's a dive buddy.. lol  I think what's happening is that Fedor's most fervent fans wanted it to be real so bad that they refuse to accept the reality. That Rampage GAVE him the win, didn't do anything to threaten Fedor at all while it lasted. I love Fedor too you guys, I'm not trying to shit talk at all about Fedor, he looked great. That said, he fought a punching bag tonight who refused to swing.. it's easy to beat a punching bag. Punching bags don't swing back, neither did Rampage tonight for "some reason". 

Lmao of course he quit.  And I could name about a thousand mma matches where one of the opponents quit as well. A fight doesn't always end in a KO or submission.  

And you are really going to claim rampage didn't try to hurt him? He hurt him pretty damned bad with the checked kick and tried to take his head off with an overhead right.

Bro, you're reaching hard! lol A checked kick is offense now? A punch he swung at air and didn't land is offense now? A single checked kick is the ONLY offense he had, if you want to call it offense, and you're telling me he hurt Fedor with it..haha. Imagine if he would have swung punches? Would have been one hell of a fight! 


Oh man, you are right.   A checked kick can't do shit.


But I'm sure you think Anderson took a dive here too.

Is that what happened in the Fedor fight? lol See now you're reaching so hard it's embarrassing. Anderson broke his leg, a completely different situation. Are you saying both leg checks were equal? That was the redemption fight for Silva, and unlike Rampage on Saturday, both guys in that fight were throwing blows trying to win. Nobody is calling the Silva/Weidman fight a dive. You think we pick at random which fights look funny to us? Use your eyes and understand that it DOES happen, it's been part of the fight game from the inception of the fight game. When it happens you know. I saw someone reference Liddell/Tito in the most recent fight. Again, Chuck Liddell/Tito was a real fight. Chuck Liddell had just fallen apart at that point, but his effort was 100% there. He was trying his hardest, it just didn't happen because he was in slow motion. You can't fake a real fight. Real effort doesn't hold back, you can see intent in every strike. Rampage is a terrible actor is all I can say about what we watched on Saturday. Fedor himself did a great job in what I believe was a real performance from him. I don't think he had any involvement. He saw fat ass Rampage dive on the ground like a big baby and start tapping. Rampage is the guilty party here.. 

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There were a spate of these types of fake videos a while back, featuring close encounters with dangerous animals. There were a couple of shark ones, as well as the one with the snowboarder filming themselves on a selfie stick, unaware that a bear was chasing them down.

Fuck open ocean for real lol.

Camera would be upside down in the water but it's not. 

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Camera would be upside down in the water but it's not. 

Screen name doesn't check out.  =)


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Camera would be upside down in the water but it's not. 

Yea, this seriously fucked with my head. The feet and hands when underwater made me think they were trying to show it as a go pro on someones head... especially when the camera is oriented to see the shark... then it surfaces and PLOT TWIST... it was actually attatched to the boat is it flips back over.