Well i usually do sparring that most thai fighters in the Gym, But i have a problem when my oponnent shoot me a lot of punches to my face i use to close my eyes,and only punch in the air, i know it is very bad. How can avoid this situation? any advice for me, sorry my english is not well.
Thanks guys for all.

Ello' Quispe,

Try this exercise we call "Wall Drill".

Put your back against a wall and have your partner use you as a bag to practice punches on, NOT very hard but fast.This will help you to stop blinking.And you can also use this exercise to practice blocks,passes and counters using clinching and knees.It works best as an exercise if you DO NOT use punches as counters,that will break apart the smoothness of the exercise.

Peace,Love and Brotherhood


Thats a good idea :) Im going to try that mate


Very good advices, today i will put in practice these drills in my class.
Thanks guys for all.

A drill we use is what we call Uppercut, Uppercut, Hook, Hook. (OK, not a very imaginitive name...)

Each fighter wears headgear and gloves. You crowd against one another and alternate throwing 4 punches. Fighter #1 throws two uppercuts to the body (shovel punches) and then two hooks to the shoulders. Then fighter #2 immediately counters with the same. Each fighter defends by crowding the other fighter and blocking the hooks with elbows and "fanning" the hooks while rolling with the punches.

Even though these punches aren't aimed at the face, this really helps people get used to taking a hit without flinching.

Khun Kao