closed guard armbars

who has some of the best closed guard armbars?

Also, who has some of the best closed guard armbars in MMA?

the technique is so versatile for no gi, sport bjj, MMA/vale tudo, self defense. it has been around so long and is present in many martial arts but BJJ is where we usually see it and is commonly taught in a more advanced form than most other art forms

youtube videos appreciated

Kron submitted Torres with one at the ADCC trials and won his pro MMA debut with one.
Maryna Moroz (UFC women's strawweight) has a great armbar, too

yeah i think kron is the guy to watch for this.

Roger Gracie has a great armbar from closed guard. He armbared Jacare in the 04 mundials(Jacares arm broke, but he didn't tap). Seemed to get very close to armbarring xande in the 08 mundials, he had his arm as time went.

Claudio Calasans- Armbared lucas leite in the finals of the panams with an armlock off the wristlock.

Victor Estima hits the armbar from the guard pretty regularly. He tapped out Clark Gracie at the 2012 euros final with it.

Roger. His closed guard series is nearly unstoppable. Amrdrag-> backtake, flower sweep, or armbar. You know it's coming, but good freaking luck stopping it.

As far as mma goes, Anthony Pettis' arm bar on Ben Henderson was beautiful. Pretty basic but executed perfectly. Phone Post 3.0