Closest ATT to pensacola?

just wondering. after my "a" school i might get stationed in pensacola and was just wondering what the closest ATT was?


come on.


I think it would be Din Thomas, would'nt it ? Fort Jefferson?


i'll check. thanks for the ttt yves and the info mikey.

damn, orlando is 6 hours away.

kse50- Below is a list of our academies. All relatively far from the Pensacola area.

ATT Locations

Best of luck finding an academy.

American Top Team

thanks. that sucks i was really looking forward to it. there is still a chance i can get ft. lauderdale. thats only like 25 minutes away from coconut creek isnt it?

Thats the problem with living in florida, long drive anywhere u go. Just gotta have money/nice car and ur str8!

I'm in jacksonville and orlando is just slightly too far to drive there/back alot.

well, pensacola boxing academy is there...con man alex ruas is teaching there tho, so be warned.

supposed to be a world class judo guy with a club around there too, retired navy.

ft walton bjj & stronghold mma are in ft walton about an hr away.

i have a # for one of greg jacksons guys who is down there too (well, was...may not be around anymore) if you want it.

midtown bjj in mobile, al offers mma a few nights a week...pedro sauer affiliate iirc.

Renato Tavares/ ATT Orlando Downtown.



Orlando,Jacksonville,or ANYWHERE further than Ft.Walton isn't even remotely feasible!! LOL

  I've lived here for quite awhile-might be able to dig up some info for you.
 There are a few BJJ "spots" around,some boxing,judo,etc;

  E-mail me at if you get down this way.

                   Good luck, Kirk

Port City MMA in Mobile has MMA, Thai Boxing, wrestling & BJJ. You are more than welcome to come train with us. About 45 minutes from Pcola.

There is a Pedro Sauer BJJ school in Pcola that is pretty good.

Also a progam in Ft Walton.

I would stay away from PBA. I taught there for a while. Not the best rep in the area.


   Pedro sauer school? I've been out of the "loop" for several years - do you have any info on that school? 

Have you ever been over our way( Pensacola) to train -we might have crossed paths.

                    Take care,  Kirk

The Pedro Sauer Team guys train at the Powerhouse Gym in Pcola. They have a couple mma guys and several bjj guys that are pretty good. The guy that runs the school was a wrestling coach in PA and he is a purple belt with a couple of stripes. Good group to train with.

I use to train boxing with Smoke Gainer. I also taught kickboxing, mma, and some BJJ classes at PBA a couple of years ago. That is the only training in Pcola I have done.

guys thanks for all your help. i appreciate every bit.

but my fiance is going to finish her school up at florida atlantic, which puts me 20 minutes from coconut creek, or at ATT baca raton with cole/mcarthy.

good shit. but seriously thanks for all your help.

bigmills, i'd like more info on your gym. website? if not just email me a little more about it at

you got mail kse50

UWF used to have BJJ club.