Cloutier is gone

It certainly sounds like Dan may have played his last game as a Canuck.Brian Burke in his press conference was pretty non commital on Clouts, and made a point of commenting that they might not wanna spend the kind of money he's likely to be after.Sounds like they're gonna cut him loose.

A goalie that chokes in the playoffs and is injury prone in the spring is leaving the organization??? For shame!!!!



He's one of only TWO goalies to sport 30+ wins the last 3 consecutive seasons.Marty Brodeur being the other.He's a solid, consistant goalie who's kept improving his game.Unfortunately injuries have been his downfall.

He was also playing great hockey this time out right up until he got injured.

I have no problems with him being gone though, i supported him as a Canucks goalie but it's time for change, it wasn't getting done.Sounds like the best deal for all involved.

cloutiers problem is in the playoffs. his regular season numbers are tight. we go through goalies like u wouldnt believe. so if cloutiers gone, then what is auld the starter.

His regular season numbers aren't THAT good.

His save % the last three years has hovered around .900. His GAA is around 2.4. These are OK numbers, not great. His playoff numbers are abysmal.

You're better spending your money elsewhere.

I hear Hasek is free...


Yeah pay hasak the 8 mil to have a goalie to pratice with...sounds good to me

We need a goalie of star calibre or potential star calibre. Like Kiprusoff or Luongo.

Cloutier is no bum, the team might have outgrown him is all.It's a shame because he was playing great hockey up until the injury.Eventually the time comes to end and this looks like an opening for both him to leave and the Canucks to find another starter with neither side losing any face.Most Canucks fans and the organization all along seemed to believe that this was the year both Clouts and the team had to produce, or some changes would be made.

I'd look for the team to go with Auld and to find an experienced older goalie to back him up.Hedberg won't be back either, although the funny thing is that if he did decide to, he might just be able to steal the starting job for now with Auld as a busy backup.He sounded like he wasn't going to be back with his comments but he also mentioned to never say never, and never close any doors.