clubbell distributor in Japan?

Hi, do you have a distrabutor for clubbells in Japan? If not, can I order from your website to Japan?I want to purchase your BE BREATHED?EBiomechanical Exercise for Performance Breathing tape and I was wondering if a DVD convertion is occuring soon?Does the Body Flow book contain some Club Bell exercises? Or are those excercises only in the dedicated Club Bell book?Thanksps. Basically I am interested in getting my breathing in order. I also want to increase my functional strength. Are those two products the two that you would recommend given those goals?

No plans on DVD for BB.

BF depicts only non-weighted exercises, though the approach applies to weighted exercise as well.

Yes you're on with your choices for your goals.

Our manufacturer does not ship overseas. However, we have a special arrangement with a carrier. Email Tom Grove to ask for details.

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Thanks Scott, I will email the person now.

One last question btw. I am not that strong, so how many clubbells do I need to order? Just two of the lightest ones or do I need 2 different weights?

Go with two 15s. They may be hard initially, but just choke up higher. You'll get much more use out of them as your strength will sky-rocket within the first 2-3 months. As a result, you may outgrow the 10s too quickly and need a new pair. Save yourself the cost and the shipping, and just start with the 15s. Get two 15s rather than two different weights. The variable grip depth allows you to make the weight adjustable to accommodate your strength deficits in any particular exercise.


A couple of comments. Maybe there are one or two many pop-ups when you enter I got the same pop-ups twice (slowing down my progress through your website by several seconds ;-).

I went to

there is a link on that part of the page that links to, however, the link does not work.

It links to

instead of going to http:/

I ordered your two books and the breathing tape. I will order the two 15lbs clubbells when the courier represenative gets in touch with me.

Kudos for having first class customer service! You must be getting a lot of orders, and mine was a very small one, but I still got a response right away from you!

I look forward to starting my training ;o)


Thanks for your help. I'll send that promptly over to the net admin. Thanks for your order and I look forward to reading your progress reports. When you have questions, don't hesitate to join the forum since there are tons of doctors, trainers and coaches from various sports as well as myself.

Thanks for your kind words about's service. There's a staff of amazing people working very hard! Clubbells have REALLY taken off with orders slamming them continually. If it weren't for them, I assure you that I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING, and Clubbells wouldn't be making the tremendous impact they are. The kudos go totally to them, not me.

Train well amigo,


One last message in case anyone is checking out this thread and thinking about ordering.

I just emailed to confirm that the shipping address was correct and I got a response within one hour confirming that everything was okay!

I can't wait to start. ;o)