Clubbells for Shoulder Girth?


This question is dangerously close to bodybuilding and for that I apologise sincerely ;]

I'm getting a new tattoo in June and I want to slightly increase the girth of my shoulders so I have more space to work with. I'm currently focussing on heavyweight Dumbbell Snatches and Presses, but it seems like the clubbell would offer a wide variety of solutions. Are there any exercises or set combinations in particular that you would recommend?

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Great article in the most recent Code, could you be convinced to DeSISSify pull ups?


Although this isn't my area of research( bodybuilding),I know which clubbell exercises will be taxing the shoulders, I offer these with a caveat, if you do not have good instruction or at least the book and video tape then, it is dangerous to do the following exercises.

Here they are ...

shoulder cast

head cast

torch press

and leverage holds

You may want look at a set/rep scheme from a bodybuilding book might I suggest Brother Iron Sister Steel by Dave Draper. Dave has been in the Iron game longer than I have been alive and at his age is a shining example of how to build the body through that field of research. I know this because I went to his book signing and witnessed first hand how his viens were popping out through his shirt! Nore than that was his demeanor and intellegence.

If you do not have adaquate instruction, check out the book. I personally added girth to my shoulders by lifting kegs of Beer and hand stand push-ups.

Good luck Bro,

Coach Dan Chomycia ,CST

PS: what's the tat look, like?


Thanks for the advice, bodybuilding is far from my area of interest also, but in this instance I feel it's acceptable so long as it is tempered with functional training.

The Shoulder Cast and Torch Press have been staples of my grinding days (at the moment I train grinding and ballistic on seperate days twice each a week), but I'm still working on the leverage holds, it may be my inexperience but I find that the leverage hold is most taxing on my wrist and elbow rather than shoulder.

I've meant to pick up Brother Iron Sister Steel since Pavel gave it the thumbs up quite some time ago, then when Coach Sonnnon referred to it so frequently in CT4CS it sealed the deal, so I really should have it by now.

The tat is going to be an old William Blake painting that is a favourite of mine, encased in a tribal half sleeve.

Take Care


Cilian, follow Coach Dan's advice. Dave Draper's a great guy. Spent some quality time with him this weekend since we were next to each other for three days.


What I meant to say originally was Leverage Presses instead of leverage holds, however most of the exercises that you can apply a leverage hold such as the headcast and the torch press are already taxing the shoulders quite a bit. Leverage holds for me are icing on the cake.

Coach Dan Chomycia, CST

P.S. I haven't seen anything like that on anyone else.