Clubbells on order....

Ordering clubbells today along with some books. With my history of shoulder injuries I'm hoping this will really help me strengthen my shoulders while increasing my rom. Anyone with shoulder "issues" have experience with clubbells? Over the years I've had rotator injuries(both sides), been diagnosed with impingement and just recently seperated my left shoulder for a second (maybe 3rd) time. So much fun! Let me know about your clubbell experiences, if any

I started training with Clubbells six weeks ago. I love them.

I too have had some shoulder injuries in the past: rotator cuff
and tendonitis injuries on both sides. Thus far I've
experienced no problems with the Clubbells, and in fact, my
shoulders feel very good.

My advice would be to take time to really learn the
movements before going on to higher volume. Some guys
are doing incredible volume with their Clubbells and it is
hard to exercise patience and realize that you have to go
through a bit of a learning period before trying to do those
kinds of workouts.

For some of the more complicated movements I started out
with a heavy crescent wrench just to get the basic
coordination down.

You should also get on the forum at
as that will provide a wealth of information.

What weight did you get?

LoudenSwain and others with shoulder problems do you bench a lot?  Just wondering as if you bench alot it causes and imbalance in your upper body and your shoulders tend to round in if you do not stretch or work the back parts well.

As most people who bench a lot I see with rounded shoulders as they probably don't stretcy well or do anything else to help counter the strong pec muscles pulling in.

Well hope you have f un with yoru clubbels :D


As for my shoulder problems, they came from trying to be a
professional tennis player, spending one summer as a white
water river guide, swimming too much too soon while training
for triathlons, and throwing a bad left hook into the heavy

I bench, and work back, and stretch, but hey, sometimes
sports take their toll on the body. : )