Clyde Drexler!!!

Clyde was good at basketball

Thanks for the vid!

Wow, that slam on the Lakers was damn-near a free throw line dunk!

He makes it look so damn easy.

No wonder they called him Clyde "The Glide" Drexler.


He jumps like high a jumper. Off of one foot. I wonder how his left knee is like now. That's sure a lot stress on it!

I totally jumped on the Rockets' bandwagon during their 95 playoff run. And Clyde played well too! He wasn't just some washed-up player who became insignificant. They were the lowest seed to win the title no?

Clyde rules!

Fucking SICK!!

Tired of people using Tupac and various crappy songs in these vids though.

91-92 season:

25 ppg

6.6 rpg

6.7 apg

1.8 spg

.92 bpg

47% FG

79% FT

34% 3pt

Looks a lot like Lebron's numbers this year...