CM in kyokushin karate tournament

Hi Guys! I just competed in full contact kyokushin Tournament over the weekend. I was the smallest competitor, shortest, and oldest (I am 34). I fought in the 18-30 year old advance/black belt division.
Anyways I got 2nd place, and I think I would have gotten 1st if I didn't injure my instep against my 1st opponent. In addition, was more confident. I didn't really plan on fighting, but two of my students drop out due to injuries, and death in the family, that I decide to step up to plate to.

I lost by 1/2 point in my 1st round because I deviate from CM for a few second. I lost another 1/2 point due to a push kick to my hip point, I lost my balance, because my right foot was injured and could not brace off it.

Almost everyone consider my fight the most entertaining. Several spectators commented on CM, and said it was very effective.

Video will be up by end of the day!


The videos are up, except for the super-hi res broad band

great fight, you should have thrown more high kicks.
That always works in those kinds of tournaments.
You may have won first place if you did.

High kick, is something I need to pratice more.
Because I am so short, I had a few bad experiences of injuring my instep. When I kick, instead of learning with my shin, sometime I learn with my instep. I got really injured 2 years ago, when I throw a high kick, and I landed on my opponent's elbow.

That screw up my whole fight. If someone is 3"-5" taller than me, no problem, I catch people with it all time, but anything more than that, I have to time it.

PS GrapplerSlayer, it does not usually work in those type of tournament in Kyokushin, unlike TKD, they time their kick, too much high kick will get you landing on you ass, - refer to the TKD guy I fought, I almost sweep him with a front thigh kick