CM PUNK and felice herring

Mix6APlix - lol at being with felice if you're tagging aj lee.
This. Unless he's turned gay or fancies some trailer park trash then he's already got what he needs.

Good fight, I have Punk by RNC.

Rhyno5820 -
Pat Giles -
Rhyno5820 -

this is a soundcloud podcast of felice talking. I am done responding to idiots who can't come to a thread and have a conversation with other posters without de-meaning them.  The idiots I am referring to can google it.  Other posters on here know how to act and I thank you for doing so 

Your 531 other posts didn't suck this bad. Who are you the ug police?

What the fuck are you talking about?  If you follow the link it will take you an mma roasted podcast on the sherdog website

You have severe anger management issues. Go hug someone you love and take a few deep, thoughtful breaths. 

“I want Khabib in Russia” CM PUNK

Tolstolobic - "I want Khabib in Russia" CM PUNK
- Kenny Florian
Tolstolobic - "I want Khabib in Russia" CM PUNK

Talk about rape.