CM Punk...any chance...?

That this whole thing is a work?

Very conspiracy theorist view here, but would be a huuuuuuge draw for all parties involved in the long term, plus gives CM Punk time off to heal his legit injuries whilst keeping him talked about.

Just find it a little strange the hush that has been kept on the whole thing.

99% legit, but there’s that small part of me wondering if there’s something more to it.

They’re still selling his merchandise. He’s stayed quiet the whole time. So has Tony…

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I think WWE sells released merchandise of a released wrestler with a massive discount, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the whole merchandise thing

wish it were a work because even an old man punk is far more lively than aew has ever been

but i doubt it

it kind of sounds like the financial entanglement is taking longer to resolve, so, not sure they would completely cut that off until he was 100% gone

the aew shop also seems like a front for prowrestlingtees, so they may not have much of a say in his shirts unless they want to get aggro about it

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I don’t think AEW is smart enough or ballsy enough to make this thing a work. They’re just not cut from the same cloth as the promoters of yesteryear. Seems like everyone is too much in their feels to exploit the opportunity and do business with each other. I mean for gods sake, they brought in outside investigators and attorneys because of a backstage fight. A fight. Not a murder, not someone getting raped. This was the same fight that has happened a million times in other wrestling promotions years ago, on high school football teams, and probably on an NFL preseason practice field all the time.

I kinda liken AEW’s business structure to that of the post office or a public university……since there’s basically an unlimited trough of money to pull from there’s not really any incentive to want to go above and beyond or to optimize operations or opportunities, because after all, the checks are going to clear anyway, regardless of your job performance.

It doesn’t matter for AEW because it just simply doesn’t matter, because Tony is going to just sign the checks anyway. AEW’s performers are fat and happy. No need to have to work this angle.


I briefly thought that MJF melting down, then CM Punk melting down was leading to a story where the two of them would end up aligning…pissed off at AEW, Tony Khan etc. They had this whole storyline about MJF looking up to Punk etc. so I thought it could actually fit.

At this point, it seems like it is just an incredibly lame situation where a guy threw a temper tantrum and got all emotional.


They don’t need CM Punk when at this very moment, they can put the promotion in the very capable hands of Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta

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who needs Punk when you have Colt Cabana


If it were a true liquidation, they’d be selling at $10 a shirt not full price

Might as well get full price until you can’t

I’m sure he still sells well, maybe even better now that he smacked around a Buck

His contract allows him to be paid while injured, and not be paused due to injury. So AEW is working on a buyout. No point I’m not selling merch when you’re paying this asshole.

Would it surprise anyone if we were all being worked?

As fans get smarter, promoters have to adapt and keep ahead. Thus the Montreal Screwjob, Loose Cannon, etc

Don’t forget that they’re the same ones that suspended Sammy Guevara without pay & made him go to sensitivity training for comments he made about Sasha Banks FOUR YEARS prior…and two years before AEW was even a company, let alone before he worked for them.


You’re giving Tony too much credit. He’s not Vince. Not even in the same ball park.

You’re still hanging around huh?

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No, dude

Yeah, this.
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