CM Punk says Kenny Omega match doesn't make sense right now because of AEW rankings

CM Punk says that rankings kayfabe in AEW is what would prevent him from immediately challenging Kenny Omega for the title. It is likely that CM Punk would need to get some more impressive victories to climb his way to the top.

@4:30 in video

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We miss you CM aka @Gino_Corona_2


The rankings are nice and all and so is the emphasis of a win loss record but they need to strike while the iron is hot. Which is why you give Punk and Danielson a couple tune up matches and then immediately have them work with Kenny.

At the end of the day, all wrestling is is fantasy booking. Nobody is going to give a shit if you book Danielson in a title match after only wrestling two or three times.

You could always go old school style and get the champ to make the challenge.

A masked enhancement talent pull off a surprise win and then unmask as Punk or Danielson on an episode of Dynamite where Omega says he is going to give the crowd a treat and let them see him wrestle. Similar to Flair and the enhancement talent in the 80s studio matches.

That would have been an amazing way to have had Danielson debut. Of course its all in hindsight.

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I love that @Gino_Corona_2 might be Punk.


Would be the greatest thing to happen here lol

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Punk is correct I like that hes fueding with team Taz

Someone tweet to Gino/Punk and tell him to come