CM Punk vs Ken Shamrock

I think this matchup makes the most sense

RJMacReady31 - Ken by living death

Didn't see that one coming...

RJMacReady31 - it's the only reply this stupid thread was worthy of

Considering a pro wrestler with absolutely zero competetive martial arts experience was just signed to the UFC, I don't think there is such a thing as a "stupid thread" anymore.

When do you think Punk will get in there?  It said projected to fight in 2015, but not for sure.


I don't see it happening I don't think.  Dude's 36, 0-0-0, and got some money thrown at him.


I can't think of anybody that would be a good matchup, because the dude doesn't fight.


I'm not sure he ever will.

It is a Circus!

Blaf and the guys are doing their best to completely kill MMA

this is a joke

We all know that Shamrock will take a dive. He still have the name recognition and it'll build CM Punk's reputation like when Shammy took a dive against Franklin.

Makes the most sense to me.

What's Yoshiaki Yatsu up to?

I think he should fight Rich Franklin Phone Post 3.0