CM Punk's Return Pushed Back

CM Punk was pulled from the Holiday RAW shows because officials felt like he wouldn't be ready by then, despite how he feels. Now they feel that Punk won't be back in the ring until the January 14th RAW. That could change but if he is out that long it may stop the planned match against Ryback from happening because they will need to begin hyping his Royal Rumble match with The Rock.

This is not how Punk wanted things to go down but WWE officials want to get him healthy and keep him healthy.

i got a small feeling that Punk
retains belt through RR.. idk.. If they let punk go over on rock, talk about major heat flowing. Then he can rub "Best in the World" in audience/fans faces yet again. lol Phone Post

You have no fucking idea how much I'd love to see Punk go over Rock at RR, and then have Rock enter the RR and win. 


I feel like that'd create a much more $$$ situation than just having Rock go over Punk for the title @ RR.