CM Punks such a nice guy

bored all day reading old wrestling crap came across this.

Got this email: "This one was reported on in the Observer and I was a firsthand witness to it. My friend and I are regular attendees of ROH shows in the NY/NJ/Philly area and all the ECW shows before that going back to the mid nineties. My friend is well known by the local fans as being very vocal. He’s not one of those people that heckles all of the wrestlers just for the hell of it, but if he doesn’t like a wrestler, he will heckle him relentlessly. One of the wrestlers he happened to dislike was C.M. Punk. He would give Punk hell at every show for months, but the time that put Punk over the edge happened right after the angle where Jimmy Rave and The Embassy tried to scrape off Punk’s stomach tattoo with a cheese grater.

Now I have to say in my friends defense, this angle looked totally ridiculous. Rave was down there with the cheese grater for what seemed like 5 minutes and it looked like he was just rubbing his belly. To make matters worse Punk stood up when it was over without so much as a mark on his stomach, and we were all supposed to take this seriously as some heinous assault. Of course the building was dead silent not knowing what to make of this nonsense. My friend, as he is apt to do at times, took advantage of the silence as an opportunity to get up on his chair and loudly let Punk know his thoughts on the angle. He stood up and screamed "ARE YOU BLEEDING YET? NO? THEN WHO THE HELL CARES?"

It was then that I saw a look in C.M. Punk’s eyes that told me things were about to get interesting. Now I’ve seen plenty of times where wrestlers would get in the face of my friend at ringside and try to provoke him into doing something physical which he would never do, but the look in Punk’s eyes told me this would not be one of those times. Punk did come down to the guard rail, except he didn’t stop there. He went right over the rail and knocked my friend to the floor (my friend is not a big guy).

He got down on the ground and started mushing his face and yelling "DO YOU CARE NOW??". Then he stood up and started putting the boots to him as security ran in and pulled my friend away. I spent the rest of the show trying to convince people that what happened was not a part of the show (my friend was let back in). As for my friend I think he got great satisfaction when C.M. Punk would come back to town so he could stand up and yell "I STILL DONT CARE."" 

Its funny that people think the only redeeming quality about him is that he is a nice guy

He probably deserved it.  When someone keeps calling you a pussy, sometimes you have to put them in their place.  Sad to hear your friend didn't learn his lesson.

Being a jerk to professional wrestlers at a live show is beyond pathetic.

Fabes -

Being a jerk to professional wrestlers at a live show is beyond pathetic.

Its also kind of the point.  They say they want a reaction,  they got one.  

I met him a couple years ago when I went down to Milwaukee to train. I didn’t really know who he was. He introduced himself as Phil and it was later that I discovered that he was CM Punk. 

We talked hockey and bjj. Good guy. Just showed up everyday and put in work on the mats. 

so he's really 1-2?