CM Punks Virgin Nose...

Doesn't appear to exist anymore.... I saw a recording of his Facebook live and it looks like it has a crick / deviation at the top and has had a small break...

Wonder who took his cherry... Phone Post 3.0

I heard he got it trying to put on an unusually thick sweater.

Walked into a very clean glass door perhaps? Phone Post 3.0

Maybe his wife slammed his head into the turn buckle. 

I heard mommy got his nose....maybe he got it back crooked. Phone Post 3.0

Forgot to Duck getting into his Rolls Royce. A little too much Cristal Champagne that day. Phone Post 3.0

fucked his nose by shoving it too far up his own ass.

Thread going better than expected...

Great success! Phone Post 3.0

I heard he combed his hair too hard. Phone Post 3.0

He bashed his face on a chocolate eclair. Phone Post 3.0

Allergies were too much for him. Blew his nose too aggressively. Phone Post 3.0

Did some coke. Forgot to take it out of the can.

He was stone cold stunnered by duke roufus Phone Post 3.0

Wonder why hole they used? Phone Post 3.0

In this case the heavy bag did infact hit him back but that wasn't shown in his video blog Phone Post 3.0

MDubz - OP's dick is so small, he walked in to a wall with a hard on and broke his nose. Phone Post 3.0

True story

Punk doesn't have a Facebook, so he wins some cool points.