C'Mon IFL.... What the hey.,,,

What is this I am hearing about the Semis being November 2nd in Portland? A Thursday night?! That hurts.

What happened to Atlantic City on November 4th? Or any other city including Portland on the 4th?

The Thursday night event just kills me. I can't get off work.

So, go ahead, do what you gotta do. Reschedule, and get back to me. That would be just great.....


ttt for making it on a weekend and not in portland.

Respond to TBidness you cowards!

keep this ttt for TBidness

C'mon IFL...what the heck?


Its been almost an hour.

The IFL's silence is deafening.

I just don't even know what's going on here.

No calls, e-mails.... and worse of all, response on mma.tv

jaydub, NO!!! That was not me. It was an associate of mine unfortunately.

This is seriously the 4th thread that I have had to defend myself because of my drunken idiot friend.

He was ridiculously drunk and I left my buddies immediately following the fights becasue I didn't even want to deal with them.


Yeah bro. It is hilairous because I honestly got accused of that on the UG this morning on like five different threads. All a big misunderstanding associated with the taping of the Pat/Renzo fight via digital camera.


hey, don't be dogging Portland. Thursday night is a strange choice, but I should still be able to make it

bradu, I would LOVE to go to Portland. Just not on a Thursday!!!

I just got off the phone with the IFL.

they like your screen name so they will see what they can do.
But the IceCapades is showing Nov 4th in AC, they are entering litigations to try and get that event moved for ya.

Ill update when I know more

great. lol

So....I guess the honeymoon is over w/ the IFL?