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Stephanie Stokes & Brian Smyj on CNBC 4/17/07, 10 PM est. The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

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Have you ever wondered what stunt men (and women) do after they've jumped out of the last burning building or walked away from the final car crash? 

Find out on April 17 at 10pm est. on CNBC, when stuntman
Brian Smyj sends his stuntwoman wife Stephanie Stokes blasting through the air on CNBC's "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch".

It's the perfect setting for this cutting-edge duo where Deutsch asks the fearless questions to the most powerful people in business, politics and entertainment.  The Big Idea's recent guests include Trump, Gates and Bon Jovi. Now it's the Smyjs' turn.

Stephanie Stokes, who has made history by being the first female to be sanctioned by any US State Athletic Control Board as an announcer for Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing, is in high demand as a pre & post fight Interviewer for the hottest Mixed Martial Arts brands in the U.S.  Her enthusiasm, uncanny strength of voice, and complete respect for the athletes are pure and entertaining.

Stokes' fearless on-camera endeavors include stunt doubling for:
Frances McDormand, Ann-Margret, Patricia Velasquez, Lisa Kudrow, and Piper Perabo.

And her most proud moment? “Wow, definitely doing a full burn, lit by my husband Brian Smyj and singing the National Anthem in a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress for not nearly enough people,  (45,000) at a sold out New York Mets game at Shea Stadium.  Absolutely the most surreal honor.” 

Stephanie's partner in danger in this crash-and-burn universe is none other than the internationally recognized stuntman, Brian Smyj (pronounced Smy). The duo will discuss their next big stunt, producing a television series called StuntWorksTV with the Smyjs, a reality based concept about a married couple who crash and burn for a living.

The stars? None other than Stephanie & Brian and their brand,
Never Quit Stunts.

A day in the life of this stunt team is a walk on the edge of disaster because they do for a living what most people spend their lives trying to avoid.  How does this married couple do it?  The tricks of the trade are all revealed in a new reality series that they are developing with Executive Producer, Cat McGrath, called
StuntWorksTV. It is a behind the scenes look at the most dangerous job in show business with the most dynamic stunt duo, Mr. and Mrs. Smyj.

Brian Smyj is a huge success in the stunt business for more than 20 years now, appearing in a wide range of major motion blockbusters, from Gladiator, where he saved Russell Crowe from being run over by a chariot, to the upcoming Borne Ultimatum, where he gets run over by a truck and also tries to off Matt Damon. From Schwarzenegger's True Lies, to a recent cameo in the Oscar winning film, The Departed, where DiCaprio leaves Brian on the bar room floor over a cranberry juice, his credits are stunning.

Next month, Smyj will again take helm as Stunt Coordinator in the upcoming film
Synecdoche, New York with Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman while the hilarious physical comedy Brian Stunt Coordinated, The Ex with Zack Braff is released worldwide.

Controlled chaos is their recipe for success and they will share their secrets on April 17, when Donny Deutsch asks them the big questions on The Big Idea.


TONIGHT at 10 PM and again at 1AM est. on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Brian Smyj, Stephanie Stokes, and Never Quit Stunts...

Tune in to see who gets ratcheted; Brian, Stephanie, or maybe even Donny?  Let us know what you think, Thanks for watching!