CND Military Grappling Nationals ! Steve Burgess!

Video links below. (Canadian Army facebook) 

The Military Combatives Grappling Championships is an annual tournament that brings together #soldiers, #sailors, #aviators and special operations personnel from across the Canadian Armed Forces (#CAF), to compete in a challenging and competitive #combative arena. The aim of the tournament is to promote the cultivation of the #Warrior Ethos through the practical application of the #grappling techniques and tactics found in modern hand-to-hand combat. 


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 with Guest: LCol Steve Burgess

Absolutes division: Military Combatives Grappling Championships!

Absolutes final matches and final remarks from Organizers.

Post Military Combatives Grappling Championships remarks.


The Military Combatives Grappling Championships were held in Petawawa, Ontario on Saturday June 24th, 2017.

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I wish they had this when I was in the forces.

I competed this year. Terrific event!