CNN ratings crash - layoffs up to 50 employees

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Ratings Crash, Revenue Rout Sets CNN on Path to Layoff up to 50 Employees

CNN is preparing to lay off up to 50 employees mostly from its digital projects, after another ratings debacle for 2017 and a subsequent failure to reach expected ad revenue targets, a report says.
The news of the layoffs came from Vanity Fair’s Joe Pompeo, who reported on February 12 that CNN “is targeting big savings on the digital side” by shedding employees who work in the cabler’s “premium businesses including CNN Money, video, product, tech and social publishing.”
It appears that some of the initiatives that CNN chief Jeff Zucker has touted as the future of the network are being re-tooled and scaled back.
According to Pompeo:
Several high profile digital initiatives are being scaled back, including CNN’s virtual reality productions and its efforts on Snapchat, where CNN recently nixed a live daily webcast after just four months. CNN’s business-oriented MoneyStream app, as BuzzFeed reported earlier this month, is in the gutter as well. A team that works on the digital extensions of documentary-style TV shows, such as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and Lisa Ling’s This is Life, as well as the Brooke Baldwin series American Woman, is also being reorganized.
Tucked down in the story, Pompeo related what some of those revenue losses look like saying, “CNN missed its target by tens of millions of dollars, according to a person with knowledge of the numbers…”
This news comes two months after the tabulations for cable news ratings were released for the 2017 cable TV season, numbers that showed CNN coming in third place behind extremist, left-wing network MSNBC.
For a cable news network that was once considered the top name in cable news to come in third behind the partisans at MSNBC must be particularly galling.
As Breitbart’s John Nolte reported in December, the 2017 review not only found that CNN had come in last place, but even its primetime viewership eroded by double digits. And this was as second place MSNBC’s ratings soared, and ratings champ Fox News held tight to its top cable news spot.
CNN was in third place in total daily viewers by nearly 100,000 viewers behind second place MSNBC.
FNC: 1,501,000 (up eight percent)
MSNBC: 885,000 (up 47 percent)
CNN: 783,000 (up four percent)
Finally, it is clear that at present, ratings champ Fox News has nothing to fear from its competition. In 2017 Fox attracted almost as many viewers throughout the day as MSNBC and CNN combined. Fox News also doubled CNN’s growth (eight percent, compared to just four percent).
Under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, CNN has continued to struggle as the odd man out, commonly falling to last place in nearly every viewing hour.

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Network news is bad for you. 




On one hand, it’s funny to see a lot of their stupid ass shit backfire on them.


on the other, it sucks to know that some of these guys are losing their jobs. Surely some of them are simple accountants and such just doing their jobs, crunching numbers

How do you like them apples?

Sucks for the people losing their jobs. But the public can only handle so much bullshit 

Same old russia stuff with each new show, all day russia.

Nothing positive ever gets talked about.

Get A Grip Dude -

2017 was CNN’s most-watched year in network history. The 779,000 total viewer average (No. 5 across all of basic cable) is up +3 percent from 2016.

Fox News has just set another milestone: it’s now been the most-watched cable news channel for 16 consecutive years.

Prime time (Mon-Sun):  2,456,000 total viewers

Sadly, CNN is now unabashed propaganda sweetened with low-level entertainment. I suppose if you 100% agree with their propaganda - they essentially operate as a Pravda for the Establishment Dem Party - there is some value in watching your thoughts being echoed back at you. But even this grows stale, since FB has the same option.



I was traveling for work and caught the news in my hotel room room for a bit.

There was a twitter panel discussing Trump's latest tweet.

I kid you not, it looked like a hollywood squares tv show screenshot.

Convinced that its current programming badly needs updating, CNN execs have been making the rounds of Hollywood’s top talent agencies — something entertainment networks do several times a year but a first for the old-line news channel.

In a series of conference calls, the network has also been soliciting ideas from the same producers who supply reality shows to channels like Bravo, Discovery and History, according to sources.


They've followed this Hollywood model to sensationalize the news and make it into nothing more than gossip programming.

CNN and Fox News are an embarrassment to their industry. 

That's less than 2% of their employees.

Pustak - 

That's less than 2% of their employees.

whats your point?

Matt Serra

Ramon Maroni - 
Pustak - 

That's less than 2% of their employees.

whats your point?

That this is not indicative of any serious financial strain at CNN, especially considering that 2017 saw them with their best ratings of all time.

Pustak - 
Ramon Maroni - 
Pustak - 

That's less than 2% of their employees.

whats your point?

That this is not indicative of any serious financial strain at CNN, especially considering that 2017 saw them with their best ratings of all time.

You do realize they "reorganized" in the past also right? Google it