CNN ‘The Most Trusted Name in News’

Actually; LOL CNN.

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There are plenty of other sources.

The saddest part of this thread which has been completely glossed over is the thread title is 100% true. More people trust cable news than any other source for their news and CNN is top or the pack.

That’s fucked up.

CNN…we got issues; we’re a work in progress

He’s just a good Catholic boy

Trump actually did say that when you’re famous, women will actually LET you grab them by the pussy. But those are just words describing CONSENSUAL sexual contact.

The Left and the media (same thing) attempted to crucify Trump over that while ignoring a completely credible allegation of forced sexual assault by Biden.


He signed off on Omnibus.

But of course, the fucks at CNN love when we send taxpayer money overseas, so they didn’t report on it as a negative.


You’re telling me you can’t think one negative thing? Sounds a lot like a cult to me

He cheats on his wives. Shitty human.

Top of the pack for what? Their ratings are dog shit.

How does this fit with Trump being pro vaccine and Trumptards having an issue with it and even booing him for pushing it? Seems to me like most people don’t have an issue disagreeing with Trump when it’s warranted. Compare that with Rowling and the left wing cult. She agrees with them on everything from blm to refugees etc, but she isn’t fully down with the trannies so now she’s the enemy.

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