Co-workers of suspect among 8 shot to death at California transit facility

Another OG hero bites the dust, taking innocents with him.

He’s not a OG hero, he didn’t shoot you.


What’s with this faggot shit OP? You seem to take enjoyment in people dying


How do you block people on here?

There are other accounts that love people dying for political trolling here this but they like to pretend they are a different person too. They are also the same types that cry about “dehumanizing” Communists by not calling them people but literally don’t care about humans enough to not use people that got murdered as trolling props.


*OP jerks his limp dick smugly

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Delete your account.

Your post doesn’t condemn him, ergo you support his actions. God you people are sick.

Another low brow who won’t condemn the murdering scum, But why would it when it’s made from the same cloth.

Your a miserable human being and you need another hobby. Maybe playing in traffic would better suit you.

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David Chipman needs to be confirmed ASAP

You don’t know shit about me or what I stand for. I can condemn the guy for what he did and also not believe he is an “OG hero” faggot.


Shooters race not reported. Must be a white guy.

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I don’t want to ignore Man Pussy Annihilated because I like to keep tabs on dangerous commie assholes that are ruining my country so we know where to find them in the coming purge.