Coach Davies & Renegade Training

Hey Guys,

Does anybody on here have any experience with Davies and his renegade programs? I have read some of his articles and really enjoyed them. But, I have heard a couple of people say his workouts force you to over-train.

Go to and check out the fitness forums. Coach Davies has his own forum and he will respond directly to you. Plus you can view some other posts and it will definitely give you a good idea on the Renegade concepts. I'm certified under Coach davies and would be glad to answer more questions when time allows. Gotta go train!!!

I have his football training book and It's helped me out a lot. His
articles on T-nation are great too.

my 2cents.

Coach DAvies and i have done a great deal of work together. Davies has some of the best advice in the business.

coach hale

He is the man! Nuff said--anything by Davies is gold. Overtraining is a personal thing IMO--if you feel the workouts are too much in conjunction with your other activties, you need to scale them back. No program is perfect for everyone.