Coach pulls out 8=D on field, pees into cup.

Redskins Asst. Coach Pees In Gatorade Cup On Sideline ... Fan Takes Pics

NFL Fans in Detroit got more than they bargained for on Sunday when they saw a Redskins coach whip out his penis and urinate into a Gatorade cup on the sideline ... DURING the game! 

The urinator is Washington's special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica -- who tried to sneak over behind a trash can and relieve himself during the 3rd quarter of the game. 

Problem is ... the pee break went down right in front of a bunch of Lions fans who ALL saw the whole thing. The person who snapped these pics was at the game with her two minor kids. 

One of the people in the group says Kotwica was the 2ND coach to expose himself and pee by that trash can during the game.

That blackout square sure is small.

Just sayin'.


Hes all like 8=D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's Detroit. We're happy he used a cup. 

I guess hes not an OGer Phone Post 3.0

Women usually complain about this type of thing out of jealousy.

definitely not a "big" deal

The Washington Foreskins

Well, it must have been 3rd and inches

Surprised that he hasn't been cuffed already. Some of those other pictures had the D in them not blocked out. They were talked by a woman with kids.

You know there is always a DA looking to have press conference.

Sir Real - That's Trump he's playing with.

You have real mental issues. 

Aside from the guy's micropenis, if he gave that cup to Gruden, he'd have my respect.

That huge Gatorade bucket doesn't fill itself.

Fuck, I've pissed outdoors probably as many times as I've pissed indoors. In the middle of a stadium, full of people, broadcast nationally, is taking it to the next level. Phone Post 3.0

I just pissed outside while parked at a rest stop. Phone Post 3.0

I could fill that 2 of those cups easy even when I don't have to piss. Homeboy either has a bladder issue or he was trying to get a date that night. Phone Post 3.0

I get nervous knowing someone may see me pee on a tree....this dude does it in front of thousands. RESPECT

Now we know what Angry Inch looks like

Not that ive been to many games, but worse shit goes on at the average NFL game than a coach trying to sneak a pee on the sidelines.

Does anyone think he doesn't really look like he is trying to hide it?

Chimonos Revenge - Well, it must have been 3rd and inches