Cobb vs gatjhe awesome fight

Gatjhe is probably one of the best athletes to get into mma. This is a war. The commentating is off tonight. Cobbs losing pretty dominantly. Phone Post

Wsof haters voting me down? Phone Post

There ya go guys. Great fight. Phone Post

GregBell - gatjhe you fukkin stud!!!!!!!!!! good for that kid he has some heart...raw a fukkk but kid has it hes a stud.

So much raw tangent Phone Post

BeatonHauff - Cobb fans are voting you down bro Phone Post

Cobbs a great guy bit gathje was livid Phone Post

Bah gawd. Great scrap Phone Post

GregBell - voted you up hate in my heart :)

Thanks bro. No one was discussing this great fight. Cobb was game but that athleticism and raw power for the best of him. Phone Post