Cobra Kai Jujitsu Awesome!!

spent the weekend in vegas and trained with marc laimon, learned alot there and everyeone was really cool, marc is agreat teacher and all his students are very skilled,was an awesome training enviroment and would highly recommend any one living there or stopping by vegas to difinitely come learn from the best!!

Yeah what Bao said.

Useless is correct




No doubt Bao..useless is one of the many examples of
the many good guys they have there

Do they follow the Kreese philosophy?

Are they aware that Cobra Kai is also Mishima's camp name in Japan?

But I guess Daniel LaRusso's rivals were the originals, no?

TTT for UFC and Laimon's grappling education spots. I remember Ken Shamrock had some in the early UFC's, its about time to (re) educate the N.American mass audience on whats happening when the guys are rolling around on the ground.

i am going to vegas in june to look for a house and was thinking of stopping by there but i am under the impression they don't do mma. i am guessing useless can clarify that for me.

dunc: CK is mostly jiujitsu gi and nogi but there are many fighters at the school including phil baroni (although he's not here right now) who do MMA training there too. Marc charges less than any other BJJ school in town and his credentials speak for themself, and we have an awesome gym setup... check it out you got nothing to lose.


The flat tire on Cobra Kai Dojo's vehicle of success.

Last time I was in Vegas my buddies dropped by
Cobra Kai and had nothing but good to say about
their school! Damn I wish I went!

i probably will check it out. i need a lot more work on my ground game than i do my standup anyways.

dunc- you're more then welcome to come by and train with us.

cool. i was planning on moving to vegas last year but i thought i was going to be getting married for some dumb ass reason. so my brother and i should be moving out there in august.


TTT for Marc

Fear does not exist in that dojo. DOES IT?


ttt for the best BJJ school in the Estados Unidos.