Cobra Kai Season 5 Sept 9th

Barnes was actually supposed to have been a credentialed fighter in the movies.

None of the other fighters were at that level.

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The ironic part is Macchio, “The Karate Kid”, is the only one amongst himself and all the movies’ antagonists that didn’t have at least some martial arts background.

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Ya, but Johnny did most of it


It’s pretty cheesy and way over the top but nostalgic enough I’m enjoying it
Some of the kids are getting better at acting

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He beat him with “baby rattle”


You do the same!
I actually am going to get a nonsexual massage at an Asian parlor tomorrow.

LOL at my son a few years back : Dad… at these massage places, uh, do they only rub your back?


Yeah, mijo… the back o my cack!

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He was a blackbelt in stealing our hearts

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Saw an interesting thought today.

Once the Cobra Kai angle completely runs out of gas, which is looking eminent, and also considering that other fictional characters like Rocky exist……

They could easily become Power Rangers

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Just finished season 5 last night.

Overall it was a good season.
It was looking like it might go off the rails with the cheesy teenybopper shit (race down the water slides), but they recovered.

Chozen looking on a other level whooping all the Kobra Kai new instructors. I dig his character and redemption story.
I liked Johnny kicking ass in Silvers house, and I like that Chozen got the best of Silver straight up, although not that he turned his back to him.
I also liked Daniel just destroying Silver in front of everyone. I don’t think he could have done that if Silver was fresh and sober, and I also think Silver was overconfident thinking he owned Daniel. So that all kind of lined up for Daniel to get his revenge and look like a stud in front of his wife and all the students.

Did not like:
That little black shit got WAY overpowered like overnight…based on learning a strike to the solar plexus??? That was some bullshit. They made it seem like that strike was some sort of secret. No way these kids spend so much time with so many different instructors and haven’t been exposed to that.
I also don’t like that the little shit never got his ass handed to him in season 5. He deserved not only an ass kicking…but a humiliating one.
And what the Kobra Kai students did to The Larusso kid – a swirly in a shit filled toilet – is almost grounds for justifiable homicide IMO.
They never got their comuppance for that, and that’s a big flaw I’m the writing IMO.

I also don’t like how stupid they are making Johnny.
Yes, there are times when it was funny, like with the pregnancy thing. They should stick with those moments.
But Johnny haphazardly traipsing around Mexico with his teenage son, while showing an almost painful lack of street smarts, was just too much IMO.

It was also mind-numbingly stupid for them to storm Silvers house in a drunken rage – but the results were fun so that gets a pass.

I also really like the little tidbit where it was the Friend-Zone girl from Karate Kid 3 that introduced Daniel to his wife.
A little bit of redemption from being friend-zoned lol.

My hopes for next season:

More focus on Johnny. He was the original reason the show was so much fun to watch. Daniel got his revenge on Silver, now time for him to fade into the background a little and for things to be more Johnny centric IMO.

What I DO NOT want, is any reference to that Karate Kid movie with Hillary Swank that I never watched.
I agree with the people saying she would be gifted almost magical karate powers.
That’s the kind of shit that would get me to tap out.

VanDamme next season please. Frank Dux universe crossover hype

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I like the idea of crossover properties. I wonder what titles/characters they have access to.

I’m all for these new spin-off type shows. They make me feel younger. Lol

Tori’s spin off while she works at the waterpark would be gold.


I need a spinoff of Stingray wandering the Earth like in Kung Fu.


I want a spinoff where that little black shit gets sent to Military School and suicides after multiple blanket parties.

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My hope since season 2 has been please not another season.

I think season 2 is by far the worst. Have you watched anything beyond it? Seasons 4 and 5 are tremendous.

You’re going down in High School LaPusso!

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Last I saw was that Mexican kid get paralyzed and figured it went the way of the Walking Dead.