Cobra Kai - season 5 trailer


Looks like they dropped the Miguel going to Mexico plot pretty quickly

I tapped out after the first season.

The nostalgia ride was fun, but …


Good choice, the rest has been garbage

I think I watched the first 3 and yeah the nostalgia was wearing off. They did a pretty good job for the first and second season but it’s basically just a teen drama with bad fight scenes now.

I really wish they would have made this show in the late 80s or early 90s when the characters were younger. They really could have taken the show in many different directions

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Season 4 was the second best season.

My body is ready Sensei!


The show isn’t even trying to be set in reality anymore. It’s in a pro-wrestling-esque fantasyland. Which has it’s pros and cons. But those looking for a grounded dramatic show should look elsewhere .

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I like the show but they should get rid of all the teens and then dump Ralph Macchio & his wife. Those parts suck.
Just keep the rest.
The rest is gold.

Hell ya, Karate Tacos.

The wife is by far the best character (after Johnny)

She’s hot and her character isnt typically annoying

Danny can go fuck himself

Who’s the big character that is gonna show up? Dutch? The gay looking soap opera guy? Hillary Swank?

Mike Barnes is already confirmed to return.

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Nice “Showtime” kick…

I love the episode where Joe Biden its sniffing a kid.