Cobras VS ??????

Who do you reckon?????

cobras vs myoplex in a special drible v ropes match

cobras vs schoolies in a special 'wake up, you're ok' match

i have a million of these you know ;)

Cobras V Comeuppance in special walk off at the next spartan

comeuppance listen to our friend billy zane he kinda cool

Cobras Vs his own sexuality in a hair pulling, eye gouging, nad biting, winner takes all the male skin care products he can carry, grudge match...

Cobras vs His Right Hand

An epic battle with a support crew involving: a stack of 'Nearly Legal' porno mags; a jar of 'Ye Olde Wang Lube'; Various clag stained t-shirts.

I'm going for His Right Hand - I think he'll cum up with the right goods when it counts.

Brendon - good to see you're back to your best.

Comeuppance - lol @ schoolies comment