Cobrinha VS Rodolfo Vieira in ABSOLUTE finals


Rodolfo and Langhi on homepage


Imagine if he trained for this? Phone Post

Rodolfo wins by choke. Tanquinho beats mendes

So any kind of superfight between cobrinha and mendes would be like a losers bracket?!! Weird.

Nobody taps out Cobrinha. I will get revenge for him.

How did he get choked? Phone Post

vegard - Rodolfo wins by choke. Tanquinho beats mendes

 Choke!?!? He get his back?

Rodolfo took Cobrinha's back. Stayed there a while. Moved to mount and then finished him.

Cross collar?

Cross collar choke from mount. Only the second time cobrinhas been submitted as a black belt (no gi worlds absolutes he was submitted by triangle). Amazing that he got through murilo Santana, yan cabral, claudio calsans, and another guy without training for competition. Rodolfo really is a monster, look forward to a Roger/rodolfo match up at worlds. Phone Post

"look forward to a Roger/rodolfo match up at worlds."

gonna be an awesome match

Ill take Roger as the winner of that match

Mad respect to Prof. Cobrinha!

Roger vs Rodolfo is going to be a great match imo. Roger said last year that he was on the look out for Rodolfo too bad Rodolfo was injured last year.

Here's the story on Gracie Mag:

Also, different subject entirely, but I give Penny Thomas serious props for going the distance with Gabi. Gabi is one strong woman...