Cobrinha X JT X R Hall X Grippo X Wilson X Frazato

The Ultimate Absolute returns with the world's top lightweight grappling competitors. The 16-man No Gi invitational tournament promises a spectacular night of fights Saturday, February 25.

The stakes are high once again with $10,000 to the winner and $1,000 bonus per submission landed in the tournament.

-Celso “Celsinho” Venicius
-Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles
-Ryan Hall
-Chris “West Side Strangler” Brennan
-Gianni Grippo
-Justin Rader
-JT Torres
-Denny Prokopos
-Mark Ramos
-Reilly BodyComb
-Renan Borges
-Samuel Braga
-Ramon Flores
-Wilson Reis
-Bruno Frazatto
-Bruno Malfacine
-Mike Fowler

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Wow... Phone Post

 This is going to be an amazing event. We just interviewed the promoter, Rob. We'll post our interview here soon.

 Holy Crap @ that Lineup!!!

damn man stream it if you got the cash for that

It's a 10 dollar stream.

its a good price for an upstart

ill be at a wedding...but I will support the next one they put on

this is good for the athletes and sport in general

was caio invited?

Caio was invited as well as alot of the top lightweights in the world. Not every fighter can do every tournament every time. But believe me, they were not forgotten.

The $9.99 fee will also allow you to watch the event later on with an on demand feature. So even if you miss it LIVE, it will be up some time soon afterwards for you to watch

ok bet

i'll purchase to watch at a later time

like I said...good way to treat some amazing names

what time is the event?

Damn, awesome card! Phone Post

Dang Mike Fowler is going to be the biggest one for sure. Phone Post

i think rader is taking this one.

Ryan is going to win this.

Empire - i think rader is taking this one.


satoshi just won in portugal

in case anyone drops out

beat jt on points

Malachy Friedman - satoshi just won in portugal

in case anyone drops out

beat jt on points

 He beat Langhi too didn't he?

I'd love to see the Miyao brothers get invited in the future. Those kids are the next Mendes'.

yea when the Miyao brothers can finish those amazing setups and sweeps and control they will be very very dangerous

I dont know if he beat langhi

i just saw the jt/satoshi report

i am digging for any video

i love that guys game