Yeah.. We have people coming from SAN JOSE, NEW YORK... Even CANADA !!
Spots still available though ! It will be a great CAMP..
SAN DIEGo - From the 7-11 of NOVEMBER.

Registration still open @

** Registration for SHAOLIN's BJJ CAMP also Available .
SD- 05-9 NyC -09 12-16

Is there a limit as to how many participants wil be allowed?

There is a maximum of 15 people for this camp (and a minimum of 8, which I assume has already been met). I talked to Cobrinha yesterday and this is his first seminar on the west coast. If you haven't got an opportunity to train with Cobrinha, this sounds like a great opportunity. Amazing instructor and great guy.

"MCHAPMAN" is right !!!! :) We have the min. signed up already and few more spots reserved . It will be a good CAMP... Cobrinha is insane and most important thing: A nice guy with good and positive attitude! I never had the chance to train with him.. COUNTING DOWN!