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A place to hang out and discuss the game for the OG horde 2

Let's wreck em! Phone Post 3.0

Thought it would be easier to discuss tactics here, now I've rerouted the encryptions, for the next clan war? It's got to be easier than the chat option for the clan!! Phone Post 3.0

How many inactives do we have? ( this is Brent btw) Phone Post 3.0

Too many but I'll get a count Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

7 for sure I'm not counting dead roman cause he's been seen Phone Post 3.0

For all the times I've sent the wrong troops. Phone Post 3.0

Well played sir! Phone Post 3.0

So who are the seven Bass? Phone Post 3.0

Anthony AJ nosology fuzzynuts gannich tater and king reaper Phone Post 3.0

I'm upgrading 2 cannons, a mortor and a wzrd tower right now. I'm just being to get my shit raped. . I rerouted my encryptions and tweeked my P-RAM. Phone Post 3.0

Oh shit, they'll never know what hit em! Phone Post 3.0

I'm thinking of trying a test against someone much higher than me with 6 dragons + archers & some gobs Phone Post 3.0

Been there done that it didn't end well Phone Post 3.0

I've been on a rampage over at Silver 3. I've maxed out all my cannons and mortars. Soon I'll have 2/3 wizard towers maxed. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome mark! I've dropped down to raid and am loving life! Phone Post 3.0

Silver three you say?! Phone Post 3.0

As far as the next war, we need to find out when everyone gets their village defenses upgraded like they want.

And make sure everyone's putting their TH inside the walls.

And for castle troops what does everyone think?
What did the last Clan use mostly in their attacks?
I think we should try using some Valkyries.

I was raped by a team of lvl3 Valkyries on an attack once. And i read that they are excellent castle troops.
They do splash damage and have decent amount of hit points

That's just my input(o)(o)

Nice pic. Get her as our clan logo

I'm upgrading my canons and wizard tower right now. And I think I'm gonna rearrange my shit so I don't get plowed.

This mike too