Cocain Cowboys creators doing Kimbo Doc for 2011

This may be only new to me but looking at the Rakontur site and thier future projects for 2011 I cam across the documentary "Dawgfight" profiling Kimbo Slice from his backyard fights to his first pro fight at Hard Rock. Below is a little bit from the site:



“This is our backyard fighting documentary. Kimbo Slice started out fighting in Southwest Miami Dade in unsanctioned backyard fights. The guy who was his bodyguard started videotaping these fights. Imagine what Kimbo’s bodyguard looks like, but bigger than him with fists like cinder blocks, but real nice guy. But Kimbo’s management never distributed them because they didn’t want people from the neighborhood competing with them. Once Kimbo started touring, the boduguard left Kimbo’s entourage and became sort of the Don King of Miami backyard fighting, promoting these unsanctioned backyard fights. They have to be seen to be believed. Just bare-knuckled raw. We followed them for a year and a half and shot four backyard fight events. And the final event when our main character goes pro and fights at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in front of thousands – from a hundred people in the backyard to thousands at the Hard Rock - that’s our big Rocky ending. It ends with the Florida commissioner of boxing lecturing all the fighters against these unsanctioned backyard fights. You can’t plan shit like this. If you wrote it no one would believe us. The reel that’s online is just from the first fight event that we went to, it’s not even a fifth of what’s in the final cut.”

E60 already did a mini doctumentary about "DADA 5000" there is a preview of the Dawgfight film on the internet somewhere

Cocaine Cowboys was really good, I'm interested in seeing this

If you have not seen Square Grouper it is from the same director and in some ways I like it better than Cocaine Cowboys. It is streaming on Netflix right now. If you are a Billy Corbin fan like I am, it is worth a watch.