Cockiest mma fighter?

Just curious to know who you think is the all time cockiest fighter in MMA. The fighter I found to be most arrogant is Josh Burkman after submitting Drew Fickett when he did that little gesture at Dana White that he was the man.It was humorous to watch.IMO

Nick Diaz imo.

Phil Baroni

Shamrock or Bonnar

Nick Diaz?? LOL

ya right

Baroni or Shamrock easy


Jake Shields!!!! And rightfully so!

to many to list! lol

baroni...Hughes is a good smack talker...but not necessarily "cocky" i guess

antonio mckeee has had the cockiest interview ive ever read

how is bonnar cockey

Trigg, Sylvia, Baroni

Diego Sanchez or Nick Diaz. Although Diaz is entertaining. I put Baroni in the entertaining group with Nick.

Without A doubt... Shonie Carterrrrr

I remember Homer Moore telling me in an interview that BJJ was "penny-ante swindle shit" and he wouldn't fall for it. Then he went and got armbarred by Tanner. I thought that was kind of funny.

Old School is Pat Smith!!!

Today Nick Diaz!!

Dude shamcock1fan! Get the sand out of your vagina!

tank always had that smug look just before a fight.but then ha always gassed and got beat up

Cant forget Crazy Horse.