Coconut oil in coffee?

I tried after the whole bullet proof thread. It definitely tasted yummy.

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chadk - I ate about half a teaspoon of coconut oil once and had the shits for two days afterwards. Oil overload in my system I guess. You might want to try this on your day off. Just saying...
Yup. Me too... Phone Post 3.0
Had some the last couple days my poo it's fine so far. Crosses fingers Phone Post
RIP Phone Post 3.0

I used to do this until I almost shit myself at work. I was clenching all day Phone Post 3.0

I hate the flavor with coconut oil.
MCT is much better because it's tasteless/odorless, and is also much higher is MCT's.
The GF butter I'm not a fan of as it makes the coffee so damn creamy so I balance out with 2 tps of stevia. Phone Post 3.0

Add coconut oil and some chocolate. Your coffee will taste like Bounty bars

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I use it as lube to jack.  And I'm not joking...

I thought it was a brand name for the longest time until one night when my girlfriend told me that it was, indeed, actual oil from coconuts.

Put it in the magic bullet like some of you usaid this morning this is pretty good.